Fall Flavours Fire Up Fund

Time to Fire Up that Fall Flavours Event You’ve Been Dreaming About!

The Fire Up Fund is back again! Have a stellar idea for a PEI Fall Flavours Festival event and need a little help to get it up and running – apply for the Fire Up Fund!

This fund was created to help launch new one-of-a-kind sustainable culinary events to grow with the PEI Fall Flavours Festival well into the future. The PEI Fall Flavours team wants to provide support to new event concepts during the first three years, especially in the development phase when help is needed most.

What we’re looking for are innovative, unique and authentic event ideas that provide festival goers with an extraordinary experience that they’ll be talking about for years to come. Applicants should think about cooking up an event idea that showcases PEI’s food, people and places at the forefront. However, these events need to go beyond a normal menu offering in a restaurant and aim to provide interactive and experiential aspects all while delivering top-notch food experiences. The event must have a minimum capacity of 75 attendees.

The PEI Fall Flavours Fire Up Fund is open to private sector businesses. New and existing festival partners are encouraged to apply. Please note, not-for-profit organizations are not eligible for this fund.

All applications will be reviewed by the PEI Fall Flavours Management Committee. Two events will be awarded funding in the amount of $6,000 over three years and based on the selection criteria outlined below and in the attached application form.

Funding Criteria and Conditions

Proposed event must showcase and celebrate:

  • High-quality PEI food products
  • PEI’s people (e.g. chefs, food producers, musicians, artists)
  • A unique PEI setting(s)

• Proposed event must be a tourism demand generator and must have a min. capacity of 75 attendees

• Proposed event will be judged on its uniqueness; dedication to creating a high-quality experience; and its overall authenticity and experiential aspects

• The following details must be included in the application: a clear description of the event, menu, location details (i.e. what makes the location unique); suggested ticket price, an event budget, and proposed date

• The application must also explain how the proposed event will ensure attendees have a high-quality experience, and how the event will help elevate the profile of the Island’s food products, people and place

• The application must provide details regarding the organizer’s relevant past experience in event planning

• Successful applicants will enter a three-year partnership with the PEI Fall Flavours Festival and receive $6,000 in funding over a three-year term. $3,000 will be provided in the 1st year, $2,000 in the 2nd year, and $1,000 in the 3rd year.

• Tickets for the event must be sold through the PEI Fall Flavours Ticket portal and a 10% commission provided to the Festival for this service

• The PEI Fall Flavours Festival will provide on-going marketing support to the successful events through its marketing assets, social media, website, and other marketing activities. The festival’s marketing team will work one-on-one with the Fire Up Fund recipient to develop a marketing plan for their engaged following to raise the awareness on their platforms for the new event.

The deadline for applications to the Fall Flavours Fire Up Fund is extended to March 6th, 2020.

Download Application Form

Please direct any inquiries regarding this funding opportunity to

Kelly Murphy



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