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Speckled with potato fields, Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province producing some of the best potatoes in the world! Farmers have been growing potatoes since 1790, and are accountable for almost one quarter of Canadian production.

Just as connoisseurs of fine wine say they can taste the soil in which the grapes are grown, the Prince Edward Island potato has a flavour that is unique because of the Island's rich red soil. If you could visualize the perfect place for growing potatoes, it would be Prince Edward Island. The Island's rich sandy soil, clean air and water, and its long cold winters that naturally cleanse the soil, provide the perfect environment for growing high quality potatoes. In addition, experience and adaptation of the latest growing, storing and shipping techniques have given Prince Edward Island growers the ability to deliver excellent quality potatoes on a year round basis.

Everyone loves Prince Edward Island potatoes and they are in demand around the world. Prince Edward Island is small, but its quality potatoes can hold their own in competition with the world's best.

Prince Edward Island potatoes are grown for three specific markets: seed, table stock, and processing. Seed potatoes are sold to commercial potato growers and home gardeners to produce next year's crop; table stock for retail and food service sectors; and processing potatoes are manufactured into French fries, potato chips, and other processed potato products.

The Russet Burbank is the most popular potato on PEI and is used for frozen French fries and as a baking potato. Other varieties grown include Shepody, Kennebec, Superior, Yukon Gold, Goldrush, Century Russet, and Chieftain. More than 30 varieties of potatoes are grown in Prince Edward Island and are supplied to customers in over thirty countries around the world. Some customer countries are Venezuela, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, and Thailand.

The United Nations has designated 2008 as the International Year of the Potato.

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